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Who are we?

We are M media, but our friends call us M. We’re people-friendly, so we try our best to reflect this in our user interface.

We also value good judgement: this space is made to represent you. It will be built around your favorites, your stories, your literature and your humor, and will keep growing with your opinions and ideas.

M beta: As a first bite, we’ve started with a selection of current local and regional movies and series available to stream.

Our current services to get you started:

  • Subscription
  • Ad-free content available to watch whenever, wherever and however
    you want.

What do we stand for?

A digitized culture

To unveil an online compilation of relevant content about or from our country and what clicks in the wider Middle East.
And the world.

Unconventional outlook

To shrug off taboos and comfort homesickness. The content we have in stock and in mind is alternative, bold and relevant to our culture and society.

High quality content

To curate high quality films, plays, series (and books coming soon), and produce innovative original content.

What are we aiming for?

Next Steps...

  • To finally unlock our delectable books section, and let it flourish.
  • To create cross-media collections sorted out by theme, editorial reviews or your recommendations
  • To provide subtitles and translations into English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazilian). And oh yes, a new lingo: Globanese, our delicious mix of 'Global' (in this case Latin script) and Lebanese.
  • To give way, with the launch of the full-blown M portal, to an improved platform offering various services:
  • Subscription
  • All-you-can-eat streaming!
    It is ad-free and offers early access AND exclusive content.

Meet the family

Robin Saghbini

Financial Analyst

Bruno Hidary

Software Developer

Fadi Aziz

Head of Design

Alia Zock


Ornella Habib

Associate Designer

Moe Hamzeh

Head of Programming

Nabil Mehchi

Head of Production

Fadi El Medawar

Catalog Administrator

Lili Boutros


Toni Kallas