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Cedars in the Pines

Akram Khater | Danica Cullinan

Cedars in the Pines

Akram Khater | Danica Cullinan

Documentaries | History

56 min | Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies | 2016 | General Audience

Over the past 120 years the Lebanese have created a rich legacy in North Carolina. They built businesses from humble beginnings and innovative ideas and grew them into thriving enterprises vital to the economy of the state. They brought their faith, along with their dreams and hopes for the future. Their kitchens enthrall our senses with recipes crafted across generations, and their music and dance fill our festivals and neighborhoods with sights and sounds that convey the richness of Lebanese culture.

This film narrates the lives of those who have journeyed from Lebanon to North Carolina and labored here to build new homes, raise families, and enrich the state with their culture and hard work. It tells of a legacy that rests as much in great accomplishments as it rests in the quiet and unassuming. A singular doctor in a small mountain town, or a car mechanic at a Piedmont crossroads become vital threads in the fabric of this state: Lebanese cedars among the pines of North Carolina.


Producer: Akram Khater

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