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Julia	Kassar

Julia Kassar


Born in 1963, Julia Kassar originally dreamed of becoming a dancer, but when her outstanding talent was discovered by late theater director Remond Gebera, Kassar ventured in acting.

Kassar studied audiovisual arts at USEK University, where she graduated with a diploma. She continued her studies in this domain and earned a Master’s degree at the Lebanese University.

Her first acting experience was in 1985 in a play directed by Gebara, which opened the door for her to star in other important plays.

She also starred in several TV series, such as “Mubarak,” and in movies such as Samir Habchi’s “The Hurricane.”

She is best known for the film “Here Comes the Rain,” and earned several awards for her role in it.

Kassar has also been an acting instructor at the Lebanese University Fine Arts Faculty since 1998.