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Takla Chamoun

Takla Chamoun


Lebanese actress Takla Chamoun was born in 1962. She studied audiovisual communications at the Lebanese University and graduated with a degree in acting and directing.

Chamoun took part in several important Lebanese soap operas, including “Al Ard Al Moudawara”, “Shabab Wa Banat”, “Share3 Al Kaslik”, “Men Barsoumi”, “Male7 Ya Ba7r”, “Bab Idriss” and “Casanova.”

After her hit role in the Arab soap opera “Ruby,” which featured stars from Lebanon, Syria and Egypt, Chamoun became widely known in Arab countries, and she went on to take other important roles in TV series shown during Ramadan seasons, the most significant being “Ittiham” and “24 Qirat.”

Chamoun has also starred in Lebanese movies and has earned unprecedented critical acclaim for her performances. She is best known for the movies “Habbet Loulou”, “In the Battlefields” and “Beirut Hotel.”

Aside from her acting career, Chamoun and her husband — director Tony Farajallah — organize workshops to train young and aspiring actors.More