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Bachir The Series Bachir The Series

2S 10E | 2016 | M media | General Audience

At the onset of war, every Lebanese leader sought the help and support of a different regional power, whether to secure the survival of his own clan, to lead the race for power, or to push for the destruction of the current system. It took an outraged thirty-year old to put the focus on the 10,452 km2 and call for “Lebanon First”.

This 5-part series documents the truths and events revolving around Bachir Gemayel, the youngest and one of the most charismatic, controversial and short-lived leaders of a war-torn Lebanese Republic.

For the first time, more than 35 foreign and local wartime decision-makers, supporters and opponents share accounts and insights on his formative years, his career More

Producer:Mouna Mounayer